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Pretty Much about Crochet

As I was bouncing around the ‘Net the other morning, I noticed that an update on my own blog is seriously tardy in putting in an appearance. Looking at the calendar, two weeks is a long, long time to be … Continue reading

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Innovation is a thing of the future

Being a fan of several mystery type shows on television, I just have to tell you about an advert circulating off of YouTube. The machine is apparently used in real-life laboratories, so the company spent its money on a fine … Continue reading

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Not Much Going on here

It’s a gray and dreary day here, weatherwise. Although when I took out the trash after supper, the stars are shining brightly, and the air is cold and still.  But I still can’t muster up enough energy to overcome the … Continue reading

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Slacking off time is over

Well, jeepers, my time is up. Winter Break is done. the computer voice on SubFinder called, and so I gots to be a TA Sub at a junior high tomorrow.  Nothing quite like jumping back in, feet first and with … Continue reading

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Another Day Doing Zilch

There’s nothing quite like a holiday to prolong procrastination.  Being snowed in with about 6” in the driveway is another good reason to put off doing anything even resembling housework. I’ve used up much of the morning blipping around blogs … Continue reading

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