Good Things are Here

I am in the middle of baking some Zucchini Bread, with sugar and spices laid out all over the table.
There is a beef roast in the crock pot as well.

A knock on the door from our latest mail carrier.
I believe she is the permanent one until the routes get revised again.

Anyway, I had to sign for a package from another country.

Husband bought some ADDI crochet hooks from E-Bay!
sizes 2.0mm through 6.0mm = a total of NINE


I am hyper-ventilating with glee!
already plotting which yarn goes with each hook

Good Golly!  what a Gift!

However, the oven is pre-heated, and my tv show won’t be for an hour yet, so I had better get the bread mixed and into the oven.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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