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Happy Birthday, Chris!

Today, this last day of March, when the wind is blowing and the clouds are scooting across a blue sky, we are having a real low-key celebration…. The youngest son, Chris, leaves his teen years.  He says it is not … Continue reading

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Blue Blouse

This blouse has become one of my favorites!  Yard Sale price paid = 50 cents! ~~love and Huggs, Diane ps Husband and I met for lunch at Latte Time.  The sandwiches are scrumptious, and the company quite mellow.

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Happening Outside?  Spring!!

The best seat in the house is right here.  I am over in the southeast corner, with the window beside my shoulder.  There was a time when Husband’s computer was in this spot, but he gave it to me willingly … Continue reading

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Tuesday evening TV

This being Tuesday evening, I settled in on the loveseat to watch my shows, even knowing that JUDGING AMY was not on tonight. NAVY NCIS is fine since I love to be watching Mark Harmon.  Normally, I believe him to … Continue reading

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Bird Reporter

Somewhere deep down in me is a great dislike for the outdoors.  This was not a discussion of high priority before the wedding, yet it probably should be for anyone thinking they are ready to go through the trouble of … Continue reading

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Still in School

Goodness, my hand is aching.  Algebra homework “Solving Quadratic Equations using Factoring” To do this, the Zero-Factor Property must be memorized. If ab = 0, then a = 0 or b = 0 There were 21 problems on the practice … Continue reading

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Church Decorations

Easter was celebrated quite nicely at our church services this morning.  We even had commmunion.  The singing was wonderful for both the Adult Choir and Junior choir. For Fellowship Time, I put out a basket of chocolates next to the … Continue reading

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Last Sunday in March

Last night I carefully set my clock ahead an hour and fixed the alarm, then told Husband I was doing so.  He gave a huge sigh, and went out to tell Chris that Daylight Saving Time is upon us. The … Continue reading

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Way to my Heart

Youngest son is aiding and abetting some good tunes this afternoon. He humored me while I played Three albums in a row— Don Henley Inside Job, Building the Perfect Beast, and End of the Innocence I was putting together the … Continue reading

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Free on Friday

This is one week when Friday didn’t seem to get here fast enough.  I was plain tuckered out, but got only a 40 minutes nap in this afternoon.  Mahalia decided that my tummy would be a good place to curl … Continue reading

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