Delay in crocheting a baby aphgan

There’s a Baby Shower happening at church this coming Friday afternoon.
I’ve known there was a “bun in the oven” for quite awhile now, back in September I began to crochet an aphgan while riding in the van going to Women’s Retreat.
After about 10 inches or so, that project just did not feel right, as if the color or texture would not be favored by the little one.  I tend to go with my instincts on most of my projects, and if I don’t listen to the inner voice from the start, I usually have more frustrations in the end.

So, I set aside the cotton aphgan.
I’ll get going on it again, just not for this baby.

Then I went through my yarn closet and found some lovely pastels 3-ply acrylic, and began working with it, doing a simple double crochet stitch and letting the colors work their own pattern.
The blankie now covers my lap, so last evening I spread it out to see if I might be getting close to being able to put the border on it.  Only two and a half days until the party, doncha know.

I’m not happy with it.  The center looks like I missed a stitch but didn’t realize, and one corner is lopsided, even though the stitch count is correct.

Hhmm.  I love the yarn, but the work hasn’t been going well.

I’m gonna pull it out and start over.
I cain’t finish knowing the mistakes are visible.

There’s no way I’ll expect my weak hands to crochet a full blankie done by Friday, so it looks like I’ll have to give the momma an I.O.U. note alongside the two baby hats done on peg looms.

Meanwhile, on today’s To Do List, there’s grocery shopping for holiday dinner, filling the scrip for my thyroid medicine, buying envelopes and stamps for Christmas newsletter, and using a coupon for a latte at a shoppe I rarely stop in.

Times are lookin’ good, and I’m off until 01 December.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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