It Would Seem I Have Been Missed?

There has been much pestering, yes pestering! from several corners for me to write something on my blog.  The e-mails are numerous, folks coming over to me at church, an acquaintance I bumped into at Hobby Lobby apparently is an avid reader of me, even though our children graduated from public school years ago.

I’ll have to tell ya people, writing is not my favorite thing to do anymore.
Back in the day, I did have a titillating diary about what color skirt I wore to try to impress the guy who sat next to me in high school Chemistry class, but after typing out all those college research papers, and Mrs. N’s B- – – (that’s a B minus minus minus which was actually a grade written on the top of a paper) I really lost my oomph for pulling out the thesaurus to find a new adjective for ordinary.

Plus, I have been doing a whole bunch of Teaching Assistant positions, each with its own challenges.
And I am not supposed to say anything (which I would really have some stories to tell) outside of the job because of privacy purposes.

Somebody mentioned plans for the holiday.  The people coming to my house have been fewer and fewer these last years, what with the sons growing up and moving away.  Sometimes I have invited others, but I really don’t like all the extra work and worry of having others in my house.
I’d have to clean the toilet and mop the floors really special, otherwise somebody might be making a report to the health authorities.

The other evening, I loaded the dishwasher, washed all the extra stuff by hand, punched the buttons, then went to bed.

Next morning, there sat waiting the full drainer on the counter, and the green light glowing on the machine.
I went to the middle of the living room and yelled out “Whose turn is it to put away the dishes?”

The cats both came running, looking at me like I am crazy.
Which I am, a strong toehold grip on the edge of the cliff.

Same property where we raised three sons is too much these days.

Anyway, middle son Lucas is coming home Friday, so we are having a family dinner on Saturday, then on Sunday he is getting on a plane and going to the West Coast to see his sweetie.  She began a job out there the first of this month, and so does not have any recreation time built up.
His cat will be staying with youngest son Chris because our cats and the other cat cannot get along.

Our school break gives me Wednesday off, then the actual day itself, well, I have a fresh turkey on order, so I’ll be cooking up a storm, then having much leftovers for Chris and our freezer.

There is an open invitation to a church dinner in the community room, but we’re not much interested in mingling.  We all have jobs where we are with people non-stop, so a holiday is for rest and housework.

My own plans are to rearrange the Yarn Closet.  Husband has put up some shelves, and I have acquired some donation yarn, so organization moves to the top priority.

There have been some yarn items either crocheted or peg-loomed to put into my basket.
I’ll have pictures sooner or later.  Husband, the camera pro, says Saturday would be a good day.

After a morning being in the house for the treadmill repairman, (which the machine does sound much more in rhythm and quieter) I must now put on some shoes and get going to my Yarn Group.
We had our Craft Sale last Friday, and so I’m sure the project people have been busy doing calculations and income tally and sorting leftovers, so there will be much information to hear.

I’ll try not to be so long in writing again.
It seems MrsDoF Withdrawal is not pretty and no one likes silence.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps I got a new Darius Rucker cd last month for our wedding anniversary. Love It Love It Love It!

great use of one of the songs

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