Same Ol’ Saturday Stuff

Only a few accomplishments done today.  First was going out for breakfast with my spouse, but we didn’t talk much.  We’ve already had two days together to catch up, so we got right at forking in food.  Besides, there were large party groups on either side of us, making conversation a bit dubious.

I got the oil change check-up on my car, needed because it will be used to return Lucas and Scratchy an hour’s drive.

While in the waiting room, I pulled out some yarn and my 59 peg loom and put three rows on a hat.  A mom and couple little kids were there also, and the little girl came over watching carefully but not saying a word.
The mom started to pull her back, but I spoke up and asked if she had any questions.
Her first was “What will it be when you are done?”
When I answered “a hat” she looked really confused, seeing that 2” of yarn hanging from a ring does not look anything like a hat.

I pulled my own hat out of my pocket and demonstrated the cuff, then put my hat on my head, just like a person wears a hat.

Her brother came over and asked if I had made the one I was wearing now.
“Well, sure, it’s been about a year ago, and of a different kind of yarn than the one on the loom this morning.”

They were just fascinated that a hat begins with a ball of yarn.  “Can I touch it?”  I wasn’t sure which ‘it’ was intended, so I held out the loom and yarn with one hand, the hook tool and my own hat with my other.

It was like watching kids at a classroom Science Table, turning things this way and that,  trying to make so many new connections.
The mother watched from near the counter, paid receipt in hand.

The little girl turned to her mom, my hat in her hand.
“Mom, She MADE this!” as if using supplies and completing project was incredible.
the mother then said it was time to go, so they handed me back my stuff, the boy said “Thanks for showing us” and off they went out the door to their van

After she was strapped into her seat, the little girl looked through the window at me and waved an extra time.

the teachable moments surround me

I have the hat knitted up to one row after the cuff.  I would like to get it done today, but my fingers need a break.  As if typing is different enough to consider it relief.

Awhile ago, I walked 21 minutes on the treadmill.  I’m having to build back up to the 30 minutes I was going before I got sick with the flu last month.

Right now, I’m feeling a blahs weakness, as if a nap is needed, which I attribute to leftovers.  Eating turkey twice a day for three days in a row could become a medical study.  I’m pleased to give it my best effort.

Gonna go poke through the fridge and get the fixins for supper.

Here’s hopin’ yer weekend is going so well.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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