Happy Thanksgiving!  2008

Whenever we have a bigger package, the carrier leaves the mail between the doors at the front of the house.  A few days ago I figgered I should go out to the mail box to find out what had been shoved through the slot.

When he puts some in the slot, he makes sure what he calls the “love” mail (aka address is handwritten) is on top.  Perhaps this knowledge demonstrates that I learned too much about a workman’s habits over the summer when I had so much free time on the porch, while peg loom knitting hats and crocheting potholders.

Anyways, musta been Saturday, there was a yellow envelope on top of the pile, and using the dim light coming in past the slot’s cover, I recognized my sister-in-law’s handwriting.  I’ve often thought that Becky and I could be friends even if we hadn’t married brothers.  It’s so sad that half a continent full of prairie and rivers and mountains is between our houses.

the envelope contained a nice card

the inside message Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

and every other available bit of space on the cardstock is covered with Becky’s handwriting, giving the news of their jobs, their sons, request for crocheted potholder pattern, plans for the holiday mentioned on the front of the card.
Our mother-in-law is also at their house today.

I loved getting this card, and all the careful letter forms.
I struggle as a tutor to give Second Grade kids a reason to learn handwriting.
A chatty card from a loved one is a good answer.

It is with a bit of nostalgia that the thought came to mind that it might be the last card full of news I get from her.  One line stands out “we finally have high speed internet, and here’s my address ************ “

Ya know what this means?  I have to add a name to my Dear Ones List, which is already so stuffed full that my in-house Tech had to raise the traffic limit on my messages account.

Meanwhile, I’d like to echo the sentiments of the card.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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