Peg Loom knitted doll hats

Lots of fun, I’ve been having.

A friend asked if I would be willing to work up some hats for baby dolls in time for holidays with the grand-kids.  Even gave me some Fun Fur yarn to get started, and I did make a couple hats using it.
Not happy doing those, I am not so fond of tickley yarn,

but I did manage to get a couple done using it, and they do turn out cute.

Anyway, some of the fun was finding suitable yarns, a bunch of love while doing the peg loom knitting, and the rest was for showing off the finished products.

At least three times I got to pull the hats out of a basket or bag, one at a time so that each could be ooohed over.
One comment was that the bag must be bottomless.

This morning during church Fellowship Hour, I had them on a table top in the corner so folks could see the whole deal before they got paid for with satisfaction, and carried away for her family togetherness. 

click to embiggen

Gotta get hooking on the current baby blankie.

I’ve already walked 20 minutes on the treadmill, but must remain quiet while Husband is having a Sunday siesta.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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