Crocheted potholders and knitted hats

Last winter I peg-loomed a purple hat as a gift for my youngest sister.  She wanted one to match her coat, and says the one I sent was ju-ust right.  Then she mentioned that her husband would like one in dark blue and orange, so I bought the yarn then, tucked it away, and forgot about it until a week or so ago when my wonderful spouse put up a new shelf unit in my yarn closet.
Stuff came out from the corners all new in my eyes again.

Oh yeah, I’d better get on that, the weather is down to 31oF and snow is happening in his part of the country.

the navy blue and orange stripe hat is for brother-in-law Joe
the holiday colors hat is for a baby due 09 December, but the shower is this coming Friday
potholders as always (ain’t the peach and brown self-stripe yarn real purty?)

I gave a pair to a friend for her birthday in April.  She says there were several admirers in her kitchen at a recent family gathering, so she has asked if I will crochet up a few for money, then she’ll be able to wrap ‘em up as gifts.  Since most of the cash earned from finished items goes right back into new yarn, I said I’d be glad to do it.  (I am working on a couple more pair, picture later)

The weather here is gray and gloomy, so today I’ve been inside with a crochet hook in hand.  I have about 24” done on the blankie, so that is the current urgent project, what with the party in less than a week.
It’s in 3-ply sport yarn, so the going is s.l.o.w.

The guys are in the living room watching some disaster movie, all the while with laptops in front of ‘em.

Lucas says the plot of the movie does not require full attention, so surfing the net and showing me a cute squirrel picture at The Onion website brought a couple grins.

I called my mom the other evening and got filled up on news from the Valley.  I think that if it weren’t for church meetings and doctor’s appointments she could get pretty bored.  She is having a bunch of folks at her house for Turkey Day, so she’s making preps for then.

It’s about time to rustle up some grub for supper.  I think there’s a package of boneless chicken breasts in the fridge, so probably a rice casserole will go into the oven soon.  Bland food as bland can get.

Lucas is leaving on a jet plane early in the morning and does not want digestion woes alongside sinus aches.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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