Middle School Woes

For the two days that classes are in session this week, I am working at a junior high as a TA Sub Classroom Assistant and Group Tutor.
First Hour is 7th Grade Language Arts, 7th Hour is 8th Grade Industrial Technology (building rockets!) with the rest being a variety of 6th grade classes.

This fella is one very busy guy.  The only actual break for the schedule is a 32 minutes lunch, and that means moving through the same cafeteria line as the students, which leaves hardly enough time to eat.

I found it stressful for answering the call of nature during class changes.  Three minute interval between bells, to get from one end of the 200 hall outside to the Portables.  This follows some of the student schedules, so I know if I say it is a problem, then I’m sure the kids are under pressure.

A Portable classroom is more-or-less a double wide mobile home equipped as a classroom, parked between the school building and the ball field, except there are no rest rooms across the yard!

Last week I overheard a guy complaining about how the school district has financial needs for plans to build two more schools.
He should be walking in my shoes today and tomorrow.  And trying to explain the distributive property for math equations while sitting at a small table at the end of the hallway while students at the next table were drawing posters about ancient Egypt.

Talk about feeling crowded and rushed.
And I’m a grown-up who knows it can be better!

Gotta get to bed.
Rest for the weary brings Brighter Times Ahead.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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