A Gift with Time

Every Christmas, for many years, my sister-in-law had a ham sent as a wonderful gift for our family.  Last Autumn, we asked her, I hope politely, to ease back the extravagance since members of our family are getting fewer at the holiday table.  Also, for health reasons, since a salty ham isn’t recommended for those of us with blood pressure at the high side of normal ranges.

She explained that the order was pretty much already set, so she chose alternate goodies for our pleasure.

One of these was croissants.  When the insulated box arrived, I put the item into the freezer and forgot about them.

The other afternoon, having been to the grocery store where I purchased several bags of frozen vegetables, I was trying to make room between the pizzas and ice cream.  I realized that cellophane wrapped box was very much in the way.

Remembering how long that box had been there, I took it out, then put in the new things without any trouble.

The directions said the croissants should be used within 3 months of purchase.

Um, Christmas Break to Spring Break…counting fingers
is 3 months.

I put the box on top of the ice cube trays where it would be so much in the way that I could no longer find excuses about baking.

Last night before bed, I wrote myself a note to lay them out to thaw and rise all day.

Just as it came time to turn on the oven, Husband called to say he was heading to the coffee shop for his Friday afternoon R & R.

While I was on the phone with him, I heard the buzzer for the dryer.

Fifteen minutes later, I called him back to say that I wouldn’t be there.
There was something in the oven, the sheets needed to go onto the bed, I’d had to break up an argument between our cat Oscar and the neighbor’s cat.

Plus there was more water in the corner of the basement.  I’d already mopped and poured about 3 gallons, but the rain had stopped, so maybe the end would come into sight.

He didn’t offer to come and help with any of these, not that he needed to.  He works hard for the money, I should be more than able to handle most home chores.

I did take time to get a picture
click to embiggen

There are 15 of those little yummies.  I ate one still warm as an egg and cheddar cheese sandwich.  Chris and his friend came home and made cheese sandwiches as well.
I gave one to the bachelor neighbor guy, who says it will be a fine bedtime snack.

Speaking of snack, I’d better get this on so that I can make popcorn in time to watch NUMB3RS.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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