What was all the fuss about?

There is no reasonable explanation as to why I used up more than two hours of my precious time watching Brokeback Mountain.
Thank goodness it was only $1 to rent the dvd.

I should have paid more attention when my MrDOF wrote about it.
The pretty mountains and river scenery were lovely, but gheesh, there’s a reason the original plot was only a short story.
Star-crossed lovers and penniless drifters can be counted like putting quarters in a trinket machine.

Probably I was thinking I could get some good crochet time in.  Until I laid it down to check the stitch count and found a mistake 4 rows back.
I did get the back side of a potholder done, but I had thought I could do the whole.

Tonight’s the night for messing with the clock.
I’d better get to bed.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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