It Can’t Happen to Them

As a citizen of a town which surrounds a big state university, this article about price of birth control on college campuses is disturbing for me.

As someone who had a baby before getting a college degree, I can say that a $20 jump in the expense of birth control pills will have many repercussions for when formal education gets completed.

Our society takes humans in their finest health for child-bearing years, when Nature’s urges are most heated, then sends them into college student loan debts without floors or ceilings.

Sure, tell them to abstain coupling until financial support is viable.

Better spend an extra $20 now than to have a kid to raise.

Yeah Riiight.

The phrase “it won’t happen to me” is echoing inside my head.

Alongside “trickle down economics” and “welfare mothers”.

It’s a good thing the American College Health Association noticed this before I did.
However, their heads-up wasn’t soon enough to get on the original exemption list.

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