Catching up

You might surmise that I am quite busy In Real Life during the week I haven’t written anything for the weblog.

And Yeah, I’ve been busy.
None of it bringing in a paycheck.

Most important is that the girl kittycat, Mahalia, had to go to the animal hospital and get checked over because she didn’t keep down any food, and did tiny little pellet solids in the litter box all weekend.

X-rays are inconclusive about a foreign object blockage in the bowel, and an enema brought forth we’re not sure what.
Absentmindedly, I let her go outside, and did not think of a stool sample until I saw her scratching under her favorite bush.

She’s on antibiotic pills and only canned food twice a day and I’m keeping a watchful eye on her.  She’s sleeping right now.

I called my mom to get a cousin’s phone number, then received an update on all her medical news.  She’s doing fine, considering her age and health history.

There are 5 pair of potholders done for the Mennonite Relief Sale.  Very colorful, plus I got new yarn, a couple balls on clearance and 6 on sale, at a store I rarely enter.
I was so glad I did, since one color is discontinued and I already have some in the bin to match for stripes.

Maybe pictures later.

The dentist put in a nice white crown for me on a bottom left molar.

I’ve got Date Bar Cookies in the oven, getting ready for the third of the series of Wednesday Family Fun Nights at church.

Speaking of, you might have heard of a bus accident in Atlanta, Georgia last Friday.  The passengers were the baseball team of Bluffton University.  I’m not going looking for links right now.  I don’t personally know anyone involved, but I recognize names from Women’s Retreat and a friend’s cousin had a son who perished, one of the six victims.

My own cousin lived in Atlanta, and still owns a rental house there.  During a phone call, he said he could remember taking one of his daughters on that interstate exit while she was a teen learning to drive because he wanted her to have a first impression.
He was on the interstate about 3 hours after the accident, and had to drive a detour while the bus wreckage was being cleared away.  He said reports were all over the news on tv, radio, in the newspaper.  I told him I was reading websites for hours at a time, to the point that my guys here in the house actually told me to ‘give it a rest’, there’s not much I can do from this distance.

Last Sunday morning during worship service, our minister asked members of the congregation to stand who have connections/ relatives/ education with Bluffton U.
Many did.  We all share with the loss.

Gotta run.  I’m tossing stuff into a box, cookery type things towards supper.  Still not sure how this plan is going to come together.  So far, each evening, we’ve managed to feed everybody while receiving high praises for fine dining pleasure.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps today would be my dad’s 76th birthday

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