Smile after Awhile

On the Sunday before the Relief Sale, a table for display of donations was set up in the Fellowship Area at the church.
A pile of counted-cross-stitch bookmarkers were laid out between my pile of potholders and Aunt Deanie’s scrubbies and knitted dishcloths.
I looked through the whole bunch, each one a bit more lovely than the last.  We asked all around, but no one could put a name to who might have worked all those bookmarks.  There must have been 20 or so.
I believe someone knows someone, but I haven’t gotten a direct earful yet.

Anyway, I really liked one with a rainbow.  There is a loosely held rule which says that all donated items should go onward to the Interstate Center for the Sale.  The idea is to put the word out, not to have all the volunteers call dibs on beautiful things.

On that Friday, I did a bunch of set-up in the Dutch Pantry.  I had stuck a $5 bill in my pocket, then left my purse locked in the trunk of the car so I wouldn’t have to keep an eye on it.
On my dinner break, I went over to the Needlework Booth and bought scrubbies as promised for a friend.  A curly fries to eat cleared out the money I had on me.

I checked, and sho nuff, the rainbow bookmark was still on display.  I’m usually a person who wants to see direct results, to have the finish in hand rather than a theory for ‘someday’.
This tendency often brings sighs from my Husband.

However, I wasn’t about to go all the way out to the car for more money, then make it back to my work station in a limited time.

So I said to myself “If it is still there tomorrow, I’ll buy it then”.
I was so proud of myself, delayed pleasure.

On Saturday, I went to the Relief Sale to be shopping.
The first table I stopped at was Needlework, and YES, the bookmark with the rainbow was still there, along with only 4 others.

Of course, I bought it.  Destiny speaks.

I’ve got it holding place in a crochet pattern book.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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