When You’re Tempted to Quit

copied from IDEALS magazine January 1964

When Tempted to Quit
by Rev. J. B. Baker

When you’re tempted to quit and blue as can be
And your life is as wild as a storm-ridden sea,
Then grab at the wheel with knuckles of steel
And keep your old boat on its galloping keel.

When you’re tempted to quit and see nothing ahead
And your plans lie about all mangled and dead,
Then buckle your belt and go at it again,
For failure’s a challenge to red-blooded men.

When you’re tempted to quit and you’re tired and you’re spent
And you’re sick of your bills and are back in the rent,
Then start out again with faith in yourself
And vow by the stars you’re not on the shelf.

When you’re ready to quit and to give up the fight
And the skies all above you are black as the night,
Then lift up your hand through the owly night air,
There is power and triumph in confident prayer.

Happy Monday!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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