A bit of Catching Up

I’m glad so many folks like the poem.  I have a whole bunch of those old magazines on the shelf which were purchased at a used book sale a few years back.  The pictures are so beautiful as well.  More modern photos just don’t seem quite as bright as the old Kodachrome shots.

Just a couple minutes ago, I finished typing up a report for Music Appreciation class.  We are assigned to attend two concert/recitals this semester, so I did the write-up for the Jazz Combos I listened to last Sunday evening.  Son Chris plays his electric guitar for Jazz and of course, being a good mom who changed dirty diapers in a daycare center to pay for his guitar lessons, I would think he does great, but Jazz just ain’t my favorite music.  I like toe-tapping, singalong stuff.  Judging from previous surprise ability to write a research paper, I guess these two pages will do the recital some justice.

The Composition Instructor says that we will be ‘coasting’ from now until the end of the semester.  Revisions and Portfolio are all that is left on the schedule, all major writing is done and in the grade book, so we’ll just see papers through to the grande finale.

Before I could let out a sigh of Relief, Math Instructor begins piling on assignments which will take hours and hours of figuring and sketches.  For crying out loud, there’s a Take Home Test over Thanksgiving Break!!  She wants all drawings nice and neat and shaded, and the arithmetic carefully laid out (Never use a calculator!  Elementary school students do not use calculators….!)
If you want to help, you can look up the terms DISCRETE, CONSECUTIVE (as related to fractions), and BENCHMARK.

The weather has turned cold, 27oF, so the sunshine isn’t doing any actual warming.  We don’t have all the yardwork done yet, so I hope we get a couple milder times before the dead of winter sets in.  The little that has been done seems to have made the neighbor happy, you know, the guy who worries about ‘curb appeal’ for the property.  As if we could even think about moving away from a paid-for house.

The week of our wedding anniversary, I looked across the table at this guy I’m married to and asked how is it we have managed to stay together for this long, when so many who were married that same year split up ages ago.
His answer was one word “Poverty” then he added, we can’t afford to go our separate ways.
I guess that is as good an excuse as any.
Plus the general idea that I love him to bits and pieces, especially when he’s fussing at me for asking what is he looking for and then he finds it right where I knew it would be.

If you haven’t tried Hershey’s Kisses Cherry Cordials I’ll give you fair warning.  They are scrumptious, in spite of being Hershey Chocolate.  The gooey center is yummy, even though there is not a maraschino cherry in there.  I’m partial to DOVE dark chocolate, but these kisses are a limited edition and quite tasty.  I have to keep the tight cover on the tin because if they were sitting out where I can grab them easily, my teeth would never forgive me.  Not to mention my broad backside, which has been sitting way to long in this comfy chair.

There was something else I was going to write about Math, but that take-home test jumped out in front of my brain and stayed there so that I can’t see the other thought.

I gotta go.  It’ll soon be Friday, and then the weekenzacomin.  There’s a craft sale at the other high school on Saturday, so I might mozy on over and get some ideas for creating gifts, or maybe even some good ‘blog material.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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