School strolls along

A friend is working on a Master’s Degree in Nursing so that she can legally be a CNP in her state.  She sent an e-mail, and it’s going on my weblog without even asking permission first. 

I can taste the end of the semester.  I have my final (50% of grade) to hand in 3/4 finished.  It’s due 12/5 as well as a little commentary comparing 2 articles of which I’ve only found one.  I’m ready to do other things without guilt!  Love Amy

Dear Amy,
I know just where you are sitting, girlfriend.

My husband really doesn’t understand that “Without Guilt” trail of worries.

It’s like my brain says:
Do Not sit and watch a movie because that Paper’s Rough Draft is due and you don’t want to be typing at 1:30 in the morning.
It confuses the cat to have the lights on at all hours.

or Don’t pick up that Novel, you must get a credible source for that Research Paper!

or worst of all
A Crochet Hook!  are you Nuts!  You have 11 Math problems to sketch and explain for a grade and you know how tired your hands get.
You Must hold the pencil, But the hook is for fun and friendly gifts!

There is a little bitty maybe that I Might get a Bachelor’s Degree, but Never Ever will I do the Master’s.
I’ll just live within my means in public housing if that’s all I got.

I really don’t like having other people telling me to do stuff while I am paying them tuition.
Anybody wants me to get it done right should have me on a payroll is what I’m sayin’……

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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