Wish I were Here

Update:  11am on Tuesday…
The lines of typed words are sitting at the bottom of page number 10.
I can hardly believe it—I have slogged my way through to the expected end.

Re-reading, the flow looks good, which means I went from one point to the next and cited the sources correctly.
The template set up by my in-house computer tech made the formatting very easy and elegant.

I am going to let it sit all afternoon while I go to Math class.
When I get home again, I’ll have a couple hours to do the cover Sheet and Works Cited, then print out the whole deal. 
Nice and tidy for the Composition class which begins at 6pm.

Thank You All so much for your encouragement(s)!
Knowing I have such great cheerleaders on the sidelines builds the “Can Do” attitude.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

Taking a break here from my Composition Paper.
Having an hour with a Tutor in the Writing Center helped quite a bit with the focus.  She says I am trying to get too much information in, that I should narrow down the claim and create better topic sentences.  My sources are topnotch.
Hopefully, her insights will expand my current 7 3/4 pages to the required 10.

Meanwhile, I did some research on Mozart’s 39th symphony for Music Appreciation class.  There were hints of a quiz coming Wednesday.  MIDI files on the computer are nowhere nearly as nice for the ears as the London Philharmonic orchestra album my dad played when I was a kid.

Oscar has taken great interest in my Blue Bunny chocolate chip ice cream.  Hold on while I set him outside so I can procrastinate and eat in peace.

Husband took the day off, and a lovely Autumn day it was.  The VW Beetle Bug sounds good, well, at least better than the last few times he’s had the engine going under the window.
There’s a new post at Decrepit Old Fool about its current prowess (check my sidebar for a link).

I grew tired of counting stitches and rows on the bookmarks.  The latest tally was almost 4 dozen since Labor Day, so I guess this is a good time to move on.  I have several rows of a pastels baby afghan going, making it with bedspread cotton.  I allow the thread to look pretty, the pattern just goes back and forth without counting.  The last couple moms who have received this style have really liked it.  Gotta keep a good thing happy.  There are enough supplies behind the couch to keep projects going through the Spring.

Next semester promises to be easier than this.  For one thing, no more required Writing classes.  Papers are not quite as much of a problem when the subject isn’t about the writing but more about knowledge of the material.  I haven’t worked out my Spring schedule yet, but have looked at the offerings.
One required class is Government.  The last time I studied that was summer school 1973 and the Watergate trial was full tilt.  That was much of the class time—watching Watergate unfold.

So, I might have to study the Constitution better next semester.  Along with the second half of my Math class, and a couple Electives things will get interesting after the holiday break.

I have held off long enough.  That Comp paper won’t get written if I’m over here.  Blogging is So Much more Fun, tho!!!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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