Was it really that long ago?

Being organized eludes me.  I try it with shelf units, drawers, closets, plastic containers behind the couch.  That’s in the physical world, but I am no better at it with my computer files.  I have stuff hanging around from 3 semesters ago, and pictures with names that say nothing for what is on the screen.
This has some benefits.  The element of surprise is always present, and ‘lost’ items become new and treasured again.

Ah, look at this picture.  Rather odd angle, a 15 month old toddler watching whatever’s going on. 
It was taken in June 1986 and the happening is:  I am burning my nursing bra.
This was not for a protest.  Last baby got weaned after he started walking, and there was a mini-celebration in the middle of the patio.
Maybe the boy didn’t think so, at least from the look on his face…..
Fond memories from found photos.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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