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You only thought you were going to read that book

From album Cats.  Click pic to embiggen. She’s doing better, Holly is. We really thought we’d lose her earlier this year.  She was SO sick, couldn’t even raise up her head. Amazing thing about cats, apparently they can recover from … Continue reading

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Leaf Pirates

We saw an unusually beautiful little tree between the restaurant and hotel.  Naturally MrsDoF had to pluck a leaf and carry it inside. I got to the hotel room – no Mrs!  I figured she’d either gotten into a conversation … Continue reading

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Please excuse our dust

DoF here – I’m trying to address some addressing problems we’ve been having in MrsDoF’s blog.  So there may be some wierdness as I get it figured out.  Please excuse the mess. UPDATE, 20 November ‘05, 7:30am: I had Pmachine … Continue reading

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Can we see this entry?  Here is a picture of MrsDoF: DOF says: I’m trying to learn Cascading Style Sheets, Expression Engine, and MrsDOF’s page-design preferences all at once.  So there may be a glitch or two. If you notice … Continue reading

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