Happy Halloween!

Our young sons.

Joe (age 8) was an alien from outer space, complete with a raygun that lit up (his dad used an old camera flash).
Lucas (age 5) was a crossing guard.
Mom the sailor girl.
Chris (age 3) was a fireman.

This photo was taken the last year that I can remember taking the boys trick-or-treating—1988.  The reason I can say so is because I went back to a time-clock job the end of May 1989 and was working Halloween nights pretty much for years until they got old enough to go out with their friends.
Their dad took them a couple times, and was great with costumes, but all the organizing and chaos was not up his alley.  There was one year that our town outright banned going door-to-door, and another year when it was permitted only in the afternoon before dark.  I remember Lucas saying there was no fun in that!

This year, I didn’t even see in the paper when trick-or-treating was going on, so I never turned on the porch light.  I guess that bag of snack-size Mr. Goodbars will have to get consumed here in the house.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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