Shopping and my Guys

The guys and I had lunch today, down at Latte Time with sandwiches and chips.  There was actually a bit of a Noon Rush, and I am very excited to see that happening, since I really like the place and want to keep going there!  Purely selfish motives, but I’m glad he’s getting good customers.

Having the afternoon off, more or less, (the Composition paper’s next little bit of writing hovers), I ran a few errands and did the grocery shopping.  I really don’t like grocery shopping, even in the middle of the day when most of the customers are little old ladies or moms with little children.
All the noise, the bright lights, the decisions.  When a package gets a new look, I am lost.  I’m very visual, but my favorite type of potato chips has a bag which went from a light tan to a golden color.  I had to read the fine print to make sure this is the one I wanted, even knowing the company that makes ‘em.
  Chris had a request for a special shampoo.  They all look alike to me.  I stood in that aisle for several minutes before I could figure out which end of the shelf holds shampoo and which one conditioner.  Then, and only then, did I have a clue about the particular bottle.

Having survived my circuitous route through the store, I had to get everything up onto the belt in front of the cashier.  Just as I plunked down the case of bottled water, she asked if I needed help with lifting anything.  I told her that my doctor says I need more exercise, so I’m trying to work some into the everyday routine.  My wrist wasn’t happy with me, though, and my left hand went numb for a few seconds while I was driving home.  I believe I’ll have to sleep with my splint on tonight.  I don’t want the carpal tunnel problems returning.

There are a couple pictures below the fold.

I have a bunch of photos in a folder that I got ready for our anniversary, but coding them in is taking awhile.
They’ll get here now and then, bits and spurts, by and by.

This was taken in late December 1986.  The doll was handmade by a lady in town who was trying to earn some Christmas cash after her divorce.  I bought one for each of the sons, partly to help her out, and mostly because I wanted an excuse to be buying dolls even though I have all boys.  I mean, little boys have to grow up to be good daddies, right?

Finally showing my man’s hair is all purty.  Chris would have been 21 months in this one.

This one was taken this month, on the same afternoon we did our anniversary picture for the newspaper.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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