Our 25th Wedding Anniversary

This week, we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  Husband says I am trying to do too much in a small space and time and that I should spread out 25 years of information and keep you all on the edge of your seats and wanting more.

Beginning at the beginning…..there are some pictures coming…..

We met in the college cafeteria in 1978.

Our college yearbook pictures, the Spring of 1979.

Our wedding day.  My friend Karen was almost 8 months pregnant when she did the cake.  It was her first wedding cake, and she said she would never again be willing to mix those autumn colors, so this was truly one of a kind.

This year, our celebration got spread out over several days.
The actual day of October 18th, we went to McDs for breakfast, then carried on usual routines.

Thursday evening, we walked in a cold drizzle to ISU’s student center auditorium for an Allison Krauss concert.
The music was wonderful, and the band’s banter between songs was all feel-good friendly.  Working two tickets into the budget for such a popular show was about all we wanted to handle.

Saturday evening, we went out for Chinese at The Grande Cafe.  We’ve had at least two other anniversary dinners there.
The egg rolls and wonton soup are the yummiest.

It is amazing how many people read the paper before church.
I got all kinds of good vibes this Sunday morning.

We’ve had some fun, and hope you have as well.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps if you want to see his post, which came out promptly on the actual date, go to
Decrepit Old Fool



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