This is the Life

Friday, October 14 there were no classes at HCC for a mid-term Fall Break.  I decided I was going to do something that I wanted to do, and not feel guilty at all about it.  No worrying about research or Math problems or church stuff.

I called Husband and said I would be at Latte Time, and it being a Friday afternoon, maybe he could knock off early and come on over.

I got there about 2:30, crochet bag in hand.  I carried my Cappuccino Smoothie to a table in the corner and sat with my back to the room.  Spread the pattern pages out, set up the thread holder, put the ball onto it, chose the correct size hook, and made my slip knot loop.  Aahh…..

Leisure Arts Leaflet 2594 Crocheted Bookmarks c1994 and I couldn’t find another copy anywhere, so it must be out-of-print.

An acquaintance came over and said she hadn’t seen me in awhile.  Idle chatting, while my hook lay still on the table.  I downed an inch of my smoothie in the meantime.  Then she went on her way.

I got three chain loops going.  In comes a family, is what I gathered from their voices.  Next thing I know, two little girls about ages 7 and 4 are staring at my pretty color of thread and wooden stand.  Their questions and comments were the most natural thing to take in and answer, and the dad had to call their names 3 times before they were willing to leave this lady’s crochet curiosity.

My smoothie is half way gone, and I ripped out row One seven times.  I finally figured out that the pattern is wrong by the count of one stitch.  One stitch on the first row means the rest coming later don’t have a chance.

Husband comes in about then.  I was on row Three.  Which I pulled out 4 times.  The trial and error went on from there.
I got another smoothie so that he wouldn’t have to drink alone.

One thing about this pattern is that it repeats.  I lost count of my rows, and finally just marked the numbers in the margin of the page.

Husband was watching me rip out stitches and hearing me heave that sigh of determination he knows so well.  He said something like how this is a hobby, my afternoon off, give it a rest, I am supposed to be enjoying myself.

I glared at him over my hand clutching the steel hook.  The one with the white knuckles and cramp in my index finger.

“Well sex comes first, but next to rocking a baby, this is as good as it gets for me.  This is the best time I’ve had in ages.”

We had to get home for supper, but I picked up the hook and thread very soon after getting into the house.  I wanted to finish the whole bookmark by sundown.
Even the Edging.

And I did.  Four and a half hours.  The next one will probably be the usual one and a half hours.

Then on Saturday, I soaked it in Woolite to get all my hand germs off it, and stretched it out with pins on the board.  I have to do this with all the small items because of the fine texture of the cotton thread.  Otherwise, it stays all curled in on itself.

The results.

It went into the mail Monday afternoon.  An e-mail of Thanks came Wednesday morning.  The USPS is a working wonder.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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