A Glimmer of Hope

Tonight’s class:
Composition papers Graded and returned.

My source annotated bibliography earned a 25/30.
My Paper 2 Revision went from
  Not Ready for Grading to a 97/100.

But the surprise was the paper written last week as an In Class assignment.
The topic was VALUES.
Sit there in the lab at the computer with the awful keyboard and the mouse so old it still has a little ball on the bottom and TYPE.

No sources, no revisions.
Straight thinking and going at it for 50 minutes.

I tied in the movie POLLYANNA, and a story about picking up pebbles on the beach, and reading aloud to the sons at bedtime.
The command for Spellcheck and Done…..

The grade? a 99/100 with a pretty purple capital A and the word Excellent written beside it.

Whew!  Maybe this writing gig ain’t so bad after all.

Update:  Wednesday morning.  Music Appreciation research paper on Guitar History came back with an A+ /100%.
As if the mother of a Guitar Performance Major could do any less.
I am gonna have to ride this for as long as I can hold on.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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