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Half-Granny Squares Baby Blankie

At a church rummage sale, I came across a bag of JAMIE yarn. I remember this style from a dozen years ago, and loved it enough to make several baby aphgans with it back in the day. When LION Brand … Continue reading

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And Now Sunday is Over

My day has been a bit sideways. Nothing Wrong exactly, but not perfect neither. It started out that I used up some of Saturday getting ready to teach a Sunday School class. I had signed on the last 2 Sundays … Continue reading

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Special Boys get Special Crochet Cross Bookmarks

On Monday, I decided to stay close to home. My tummy was not at its best. I don’t like to blame all the good eating I did at the church picnic on Sunday, then again, there was a whole bunch … Continue reading

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Some Yarn Projects for the Charity Pile

Here is the much delayed picture of the gold bag Crocheted of an acrylic/polyester blend of Rug/Craft Yarn from a donation bag and here are a trio of hats knitted on peg looms all are acrylic yarns, a single skein … Continue reading

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Definitely Busy—-Just not Here

Another Funeral will be happening at the church on Thursday 05 August. This one is for a pillar in the congregation, a much beloved man who reached the nice old age of 97 years. He often played his saxophone for … Continue reading

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My Writing Excuses

A long time ago, in this very place I have a blog. It’s not a very busy blog, because the person who is supposed to write here keeps finding different things to do, and other places to be. My original … Continue reading

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A Pretty Good Movie: City Island

For the third weekend in a row, I have been to see a movie at the historic Normal Theatre. Tonight’s flick (and it’s still on for Sunday, too) is City Island starring Julianna Marguiles, formerly of ER, and lately of … Continue reading

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Some Yarn Projects for the Charity Pile

My fingers have been quite busy with yarns and hooks. These will probably go to the Meadows Home in the Fall. I’ve been trying to use up some yarn donations by making tote bags, with mixed results. A hat is … Continue reading

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A couple days of routine

So the weekend is over. I loved every minute of it, although the cleaning of the litter box would be at the bottom of the list. Read a book GOSSAMER by Lois Lowry. Cannot recall when and where I bought … Continue reading

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Babies are in a movie

This evening I walked down to the Normal Theater to see the movie BABIES. Husband had asked if his presence was needed, but I said he could come with, or not, his choice. He stayed home with the cats. Nice … Continue reading

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