And Now Sunday is Over

My day has been a bit sideways.
Nothing Wrong exactly, but not perfect neither.

It started out that I used up some of Saturday getting ready to teach a Sunday School class. I had signed on the last 2 Sundays in August.
When I got to the church, I found another gal in the room setting up a lovely lesson plan, and snacks table. So I tracked down a Christian Education committee member, who said I was to be the Assistant. Which means I am just a warm body who helps to keep a bunch of 3 year olds on task.

During Worship Service, I sat in the back and tried to cast on a pretty red yarn on a peg loom. Third try, I had it almost proper, but was not about to start again.
Knitted during the service, sitting right under the speaker where I can hear best. Along comes a friend on her way to the water fountain. She sees red yarn and loom, and wants to start a conversation. During the sermon, which had some fine stories. I managed to be civil, then got the idea across to her that this would not be the time and place.

Sunday School went fine, all the stuff I had with me did not even make it out of the bag. Next week, I’m the Assistant again, which will be a-okay with me.

All the way home, I was making a mental list of what needed to be ready for when the workers came to make the yard not quite so much of a jungle. I wanted some macaroni and cheese, so did not call my spouse to learn his lunch plans.

Well, he had stayed in all morning, and was quite ready to head out for lunch.
But no tools were out and ready to be used. He brought down the weed-eater machine, had to mend an extension cord, misplaced the hedge-trimmers.
Quite irritated, I asked what had he been doing all morning? Obviously not making preparations!
I got my macaroni and cheese. Not sure what he ate.

Later I learned what he had worked on during cooler time was to change the tires on my bicycle. I’ve been wanting some with better tread, since the ones on it are original since 1994. They had been purchased weeks ago, yet this morning was when he decided to get it done.
But I thought he was giving tools some attention.
I guess I should say I’m sorry. We’re not mind-readers.

There were other small episodes, but I shouldn’t bore you with so many more details. Highlighted by the grand finale of the red hat. As I cinched it closed and was about to tie the knot at the top of the crown, the yarn broke, leaving about 3/4 inch to finish. I did not drop stitches, but really had to be careful to secure it closed.

One great thing was my Subway sandwich for supper. The clerk/artist piled on lots of roast beef, onions, green pepper, dijon mustard. Yet the price was almost a dollar less than I had expected. Maybe there is a sale going on now.
Anyway, I brought it back home and enjoyed greatly!

Husband had a few hours at the office, doing last minute checking before college classes begin. He had oatmeal for supper. Says it is better for his tummy.

And then, we had to take my car to the mechanic, leaving it just outside the garage, dropping the key and explanation into a lockbox. It will have a part replaced in its exhaust system. Any driving I need to do, I’ll have Husband’s car. He pedals to the job on his bicycle, and will be at work some long hours over the next few days.

And now the dark night has come.
Nothing drastic happened here today.
Rather ordinary, actually.
Tomorrow I should manage my meals better. And exercise my legs and back.

All while waiting to see what will happen with Unit 5 Schools beginning the new year, and my TA Sub job needs.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps the cross bookmarks were tucked into cards and placed in their dad’s church cubbie. Not sure if or when he got them.

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