Definitely Busy—-Just not Here

Another Funeral will be happening at the church on Thursday 05 August. This one is for a pillar in the congregation, a much beloved man who reached the nice old age of 97 years. He often played his saxophone for special music during Worship Services, and at other gatherings.

He was quite proud that my youngest son was born on his 72 birthday, and then went on to be the star of the Christmas pageant as Baby Jesus. One time when we were at Farm & Fleet, we bumped into Earl, and he asked if the tall teenager standing beside me was my son who had been the Baby Jesus. At my Yes response, the kid got a hug and was told that his birthday was blessed indeed.

Earl was the guy who was amazed that I had made it to the age of 27 without ever riding in an airplane. He made arrangements for me and a couple other folks to meet at the airport to go up in the air in a little 4-seat plane. I should dig out the photos from that evening. A wonderful experience.
The other airplane rides I had to do was going and coming back for my Dad’s funeral. Commercial planes with seats so close together that I did not have room for my elbows and had to give up crocheting for the duration of the flight.

Well, anyway, Earl had a request to have a real nice dinner, not just finger foods and paper plates.

The person who is Chairman for Funeral Meals is out of town for her daughter’s wedding, and so again I am doing a whole bunch of the efforts leading up to a nice memory for the family. We might serve 100 guests this time.

I did come up with the idea to hit up my e-mail Contacts before I start doing phone calls. E-mails are so much easier to send and reply, rather than ringing someone in from watering the garden and who does not have a Planner book close at hand.

It seems to be working—already marked the list for 4 desserts, 2 salads, a relish tray, and a potato casserole.

But I really should get away from the desk and phone and writing and screen.

There’s laundry and dishes to put away.
I’m not going outside. Temperature is over 90.
Maybe me, my crochet hook, and a dvd will have a quiet afternoon.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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