Special Boys get Special Crochet Cross Bookmarks

On Monday, I decided to stay close to home.
My tummy was not at its best. I don’t like to blame all the good eating I did at the church picnic on Sunday, then again, there was a whole bunch of fruits or spices which I have not consumed in quite awhile.

Plus, a couple kids got baptized on Sunday, and I really like to crochet a cross for a baptism. I haven’t worked up any in months. In fact the last few participants got straight bookmarks, and seemed quite pleased, but my personal desire is to crochet a cross for such a religious event.

Anyways, a friend in my Needlework Group had pulled out pages from a craft magazine, saying the cross pattern made her think of me. I read it over, and decided Yes, I would try it out.

The green cross is from that pattern. It is worked with size 10 bedspread cotton and a size 7 steel hook. My hands did not get too tired, mainly because it is worked from the long bottom, up one side, then down the other side, creating many chain spaces.
The copper color cross is from a different pattern book. I find it more difficult to work up, even though it has a size 6 (slightly bigger) crochet hook. Each point is worked separately. Getting my hands into position to work the arms is so tiring.
Most of the straight bookmark patterns take a little longer than an hour to crochet. Each cross took closer to 2 hours.

But they are done, and will be tucked into cards of Congratulations.  Next folks who get a crocheted cross from my hands will have to be just as precious as are these kids to me.

That evening, Husband came home from work quite tuckered out. This is a very busy week, the last before ISU classes begin the Fall Semester. He said he felt a bit bad that he wasn’t good company for me having been home all day alone.

I told him that me, a new crochet pattern, the back porch with 2 cats, was actually a very lovely day.

Tuesday, my car went in for a looksee as to what was making the rattle/dragging noise. Turned out to be a loose clamp on the exhaust system, and a heat shield rusted through. The clamp got tightened, the heat shield removed.
Today, my car is making wa-ay too much noise, almost like a hole in the exhaust. I’ll have to get it back out to the shop soon.

Meanwhile this morning, Mahalia had another visit at the animal clinic. She is dehydrated, so got some sub-cu fluids and a couple vitamin shots. She is getting quite choosy with her meals, anything put in front of her needs a side dish of milk.
She also has decided to sleep on the rug next to my side of the bed, which means I have to do a little dance when I get up for the potty in the middle of the night.
Doc says her cat age is equal to a human in her mid-80s, so I have to be a little forgiving and make accommodations.

The boy next door is doing his practice with the bagpipes. My cats don’t even twitch their ears anymore. There was a time when they scurried down to the basement with the noise.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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