Some Yarn Projects for the Charity Pile

Here is the much delayed picture of the gold bag
Crocheted of an acrylic/polyester blend of Rug/Craft Yarn from a donation bag

and here are a trio of hats knitted on peg looms
all are acrylic yarns, a single skein each
any pattern is just how it happened
I did not plan nor stripe

They will be going to a charity Craft table somewhere

This is the last week of Summer.
School begins Monday, a week from today, not that I am in great anticipation. Even when I was a kid, I thought that the best weather of the year, and the time when the garden and Grandma doing canning would need me, I had to go sit in a room with a bunch of other kids and try to make nice.

So what job do I have now?
Teaching Assistant Substitute. In the public school system!
the last couple years, I get called soon as the doors open and a principal realizes there are students who need somebody with them and nobody who was interviewed and hired has cleared the background check yet.

So we’ll see.
I would like to work early on a few days, to earn enough for going to Women’s Retreat. Husband says he is glad for me to go be with my friends, but I like thinking that I did pay my own way for it.

I want to get back to my hook and thread. A couple kids got baptized last Sunday, and I have a new crochet cross pattern I’m trying out. It uses size 10 thread (rather than smaller size 30 which my hands cannot hold and work with anymore) so I think I might be able to carry on until the fasten off time.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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