Babies are in a movie

This evening I walked down to the Normal Theater to see the movie BABIES.
Husband had asked if his presence was needed, but I said he could come with, or not, his choice.

He stayed home with the cats. Nice change of pace for them, I’m sure. Except they both went to their food bowls and looked over at ME as soon as I got inside the door.

Anyway, that link and comments has some nice writing.

Of course I’m gonna say I LOVED IT! but then again, I think babies are the most wonderful little creatures on the planet, and I really miss having a job working with them every day. I don’t miss the pinkeye, Strep germs, constant runny noses.

Back to the movie, cuz I keep getting myself tangled up.
There are 4 babies from 4 different places on the earth.

We get to see the young mothers all great with child, and their little bonding scenes a little while after birth.

Through different phases and stages, we watch a year in child growth and development. I’ve seen a few educational videos with about the same lesson to be learned. In fact, I’m sure this movie would fit in nicely on PBS-tv. Sometimes I wonder how someone gets the idea and permissions and film crews to put together a movie like this.

What I appreciated was no narrator telling us what we are looking at. All the information is done by camera angles, and patience to see what expression comes next. When one baby girl gets frustrated with a toy, she has the bestest little tantrum I’ve seen in ages. A different girl looks right at the camera as if to say “Ain’t you gonna step in and make this alright?” After a few seconds, she just gives up and crawls away.

There is a bit of music now and then, cooing and babbles.

A couple of the bigger brothers display outright bullying behavior.

The most ‘famous’ scene from the trailer is a little guy in a tub having his bath, then a goat comes over and takes a drink of bathwater. A little girl in the city goes to the zoo and leans in real close to the glass where the great ape lives.

And there are cats. Very patient cats.
Our house did not get a cat until youngest son was almost in Kindergarten, so I don’t know about interaction with toddlers, but those cats are the most forgiving pets I’ve ever seen.

Just about all the seats in the theater were filled, which I’m glad to know.

And the walk home in twilight was just lovely. Over the years, I’ve walked thousands of times on Normal Avenue, and I’m always in awe of its beauty. It really does earn its place on the list of the National Historical Society.

the movie is on again Sunday evening at the theater
and if it comes to your town, you should go watch BABIES

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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