My Writing Excuses

A long time ago, in this very place I have a blog.

It’s not a very busy blog, because the person who is supposed to write here keeps finding different things to do, and other places to be.

My original plan for today was to Update here. There’s been a request for a photo of the crocheted gold bag, and Husband sent a picture of purple flowers, and my cats are really cute since they are days past the side effects of vaccinations.

However, there is a dinner at church tonight, and I was asked to provide a pot of soup. Whoever decided soup in the middle of Summer is young and enthusiastic.
And with such lovely dark eyes and charming grin being right in front of me, I could not say NO, I won’t do it.

And then, there is the proof of my signature on a Sign-Up List to help with Funeral Dinners. Others on the committee have much more important things to do than ‘my’ plan to write for my blog, so I will be doing the grocery shopping for a meal on Thursday. for an estimate of 75 people.

I’m way out of practice for this kitchen duty,
and so I’m procrastinating at topspeed.

So check back here later. How much later, I cannot say.
My crystal ball is in the care of others.

I may just collapse after all the melons are sliced,
and the dishes dried,
then rest my hands for days and days.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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