Baby Blankie and Dinner Out = Great Friday

what I have been working on while I’m away from here

crocheted using a 4.5mm ADDI hook and leftovers of Bernat Cottontots yarn and it’s going to our nephew’s new baby girl

This week has passed in a blur of rain, jobs, favorite television shows,
chores such as ironing, yarn, phone calls,
and dentally prescribed drugs %-P

our whole property is covered with leaves too soggy to rake or mow over with the mulching mower

Husband and I went out Friday evening to finally celebrate our anniversary properly.  He said someone at his office was describing the Loaded Mashed Potatoes at a new place across town called SKEWERS and he knows how much I love squishy spuds, so that’s where we went.

It turns out, the owners are the same guys who own the Garden of Paradise where we have breakfast on Saturday mornings.  One fella came over and said he was glad to see us, so I mentioned the potatoes have a reputation already, and we were doing our wedding anniversary in style.

Geo had a steak dinner, done perfectly, and I had a chicken wrap, and th :cheese: se potatoes.
Yummy, with portions so big that we both brought home half of what was on the plates.

When the check was brought, our Skillet Cookie dessert had been marked Complimentary, then the server said Happy Anniversary!

Today’s big outing together was whipped cream to go on the Apple Cake made this afternoon with the last half bag of fruit brought home weeks ago from the church library.

I guess going somewhere is not the mission, it’s the companionship.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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