Don’t Bother Me Right Now

A few weeks ago, I updated my Profile on Facebook, so several folks jumped aboard who want to be my Friend.  I don’t really understand the whole Friend Request stuff, I see many of these folks every Sunday at church, or e-mail a couple times a week, and my weblog is right here for anybody who happens by.

This evening, while I was Logged In to Facebook, and typing in a Comment for someone else, a little box appeared in the lower right corner saying HI!  I assume it was to chat in the moment, which I don’t do well at all, neither on Facebook nor Google.
I do know how, but I don’t like to do it, so I usually seem rude and click it off, logout, and mouse on my merry way to the next blog.
Online is a world unto itself.

Tonight’s tv show is HOUSE, which got delayed due to a baseball game going overtime.  The phone rang, and dummy me answered it.  Would I be willing to take a survey?  Um, NO, HOUSE is on at long last.
Again, I might be rude, but I said “Move along to the next name on your list” hung up the receiver and scurried back to the couch to watch Hugh Laurie in scruffy beard mode.

Now it’s time for bed, and I’m hearing hissing on the back porch.  Two cats are jostling for who gets to look in the window and tell me to open the door.  I’d leave ‘em out there, except they are both too dumb to fend for themselves in the dark.

I’m just not wanting anymore communication right now.
A toothache brings on impatience.
Dentist @ 11:30am Tuesday.  I’ll bet he says root canal.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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