Link for a Quick Show of Pride

Jon was a kid in high school when my young family began going to our church.
We were given tickets to see him in a play at the park, and just knew he had potential   :coolsmile:  as an actor

So his MOM sent this to me this morning.
Just like any MOM is supposed to do, she’s braggin on her boy, and with good reason.

Jon is the actor guy working blue collar factory job, which means he has much less long hair than when he was in GODSPELL, but I would know his eyes anywhere.

and here’s the e-mail which brightened my day

Diane,  Good morning!

Here is something that Jon sent and I opened this morning.
Watch it and see him x2.

TV ad: The Race

Have a good day!

Mary Ann

I’m in full agreement….

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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