Having the Day Off

Last evening, just before bedtime, I checked the SubFinder computer schedule.

The message said “No Jobs Available at this time” so I went over to another category and clicked the Do Not Disturb option for my number.  I really do not like having the telephone wake me up too early.

When my alarm buzzed at its usual time, I came to the computer and checked the schedule again, finding two openings.

There was one name for a TA who is a one-on-one with a student that I do not get along with.  I suppose I should make more effort, but I know the student has Special Needs with quirks and social problems, and today is not a day I feel up to dealing with it.  Sometimes I wonder if the Do Not Accept button will send an electric shock up to my elbow, but this is a chance I’ll take.

the other position is one I have worked before, easy enough for a Friday
However, when I clicked on it, there was a message saying another Substitute was considering, check back later.

I waited 15 minutes, while I read the comics, until just about the time I should be hitting the shower, and checked again.

“No Jobs Available at this time”

the sun is shining, no wind blowing
although the temperature is below freezing

What’s a gal to do with a day off?

I finished a crocheted cotton potholder begun yesterday at Yarn Group, then finished a baby hat which has been on the peg loom for a couple weeks already.  They will be going to the Mennonite Relief Sale next month.

I’ll begin the weekend chores early, and do a bit of grocery shopping.  There is a lunch at church this Sunday, and the announcement says for someone with my name letter of the alphabet to bring a dessert.

It has been awhile since I turned the oven on.
Good thing I have outside influences to keep my skills ready.

Somebody asked me for pictures, since I haven’t put any on the blog lately.  Actually, I haven’t had the camera in my hands for weeks, ever since we sent Lucas off on the train to see his sweetie.

I guess I’ll have to make sure the battery is charged and see what I can do to remedy the situation.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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