Two Down, One for reading

Sometime about the middle of January, there were two books with red covers drifting around in my kitchen.  One would be on the center table where I ate breakfast, the other on the shelf next to my chair in the nook.

Sometimes they switched places.

I don’t usually begin one book without finishing the last, but I felt obligated to get going on one, even though it was not holding my interest, and the other is a children’s book suitable for a Second Grade kid.  More recently, I read a couple chapters of my latest purchase, and it promises to be most interesting of any.

Then Husband began reading the first, using a different color bookmark, so we kinda helped each other along with plots and thoughts and notes.  He finished before I did, so for awhile the book had disappeared to near his computer.

He brought it back last evening, leaving it sitting on the nook table.

I checked this morning for a TA Sub job, showing only two, and both were under consideration by other users.
Soon the No Jobs Available message was flashing.
That might be just as well, for the first time in weeks,
I had to apply IcyHot to the achy arch of my left foot.

After breakfast, I decided I might as well buckle down and get reading in those two red books.  Their names are not needed right now.
Having finished the first one, I wrote an e-mail message to Husband, while he’s at work, to tell him my thoughts.
We’re gonna have some ‘splaining to do.

The kid’s book is about a little lost kitten, and so sweetly predictable it is full wonder that I bothered at all, but my dollar was for a worthy cause.  It will most likely go into the library donation box, to be purchased again by somebody yearning for a happy ending.

Now I can settle in for a good tale about love lost in a vehicle accident and hidden stocks and upset customers.

Stay Cozy 😉

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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