One Gulp Then Away Again

When we woke up this morning, there was more snow on the ground.

Husband and I discussed how much. . . I said 3” /
he said 1” but neither of us bothered to find a ruler nor went out to measure the depth.

Enough Already was our final agreeement.

And the temperature going from 36oF yesterday
to only 3 ^ 0 today sure has my joints aching.  Although he spoke about colder weather now will be putting a big squelch on bugs and molds later in the Spring.

I had told SubFinder to Do Not Disturb with early morning phone calls because I am busy with some church events.  Dear Ones E-mail list got the obituary for our friend Tom.

When I looked at the computer grid, there were three jobs open, but not a one did I think was good enough to break my silence.  This is one of those times when somebody else will have to work harder.

Over breakfast (which was leftover meatloaf on a biscuit—unusual but quite tasty) I had my latest copy of Angels on Earth magazine parked beside my plate.  Some sweet reading to start the day.

I pulled on some ready for the laundry clothes, bundled up, then shovelled out the front and back sidewalks, both cars and the driveway cleared of snow.
The ice underneath is a different problem.  The mailman was wearing ice clamps on his boots.

My shopping list is written, have made and received several phone calls, knitted a couple rows on the latest peg loom hat, and chosen crochet thread to make a bookmark to enclose in a sympathy card.

With All this done before 11AM  🙂

Now I’m gonna take a shower, put on some freshly laundered clothes, bundle up again, let the car use up gas while idling get warm in the driveway, and head off to the grocery store.

I have promised to make a dessert for the funeral lunch, a couple extra items for the Family Fun Night dinner, ground turkey and stuff for supper tonight here at home.
I’m going to try a new recipe Jack’s Turkey Stroganoff as seen yesterday on the Bonnie Hunt Show.

You all will have to carry on without me again.

Real Life brings hustle to my bustle.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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