the Cats are Away

Today is a morning free from child care, so I wrote up a list of chores and errands to get done before time to go to Yarn Group.

Also will be free from the watchful eyes of cats.

We took away the food and water bowls, put the lid down on the toilet, emptied the drip pan by the furnace.
Nothing to eat or drink after last midnight.

Getting them into the carriers was quite a task.  I have scratch marks on my left shin, I believe Husband got a couple on his hand.  We had to chase Oscar out from under Chris’s bed, but with the door closed, he finally got shoved in and zipped tight.

Our companions are getting their teeth cleaned at the vet hospital.

I had to sign more forms than the last time Husband went to ER.

I wrote my cell phone number as the first to call, so this must be an important situation.
I don’t give it out to just anybody.

Pick-up time is 3:30pm.

I’ll bet they will be glad for it.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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