Not so much cheer, Dear

As Momma said in the comments on my last post, it is easy to get worn out in times like these.

Although all my activities were on a voluntary basis, and I do feel affirmed for lending willing hands, this evening finds me all tuckered out and putting on some warm slippers at home.

I told my son that I don’t think I can deal with the dishes all over the counter, waiting to be put into the dishwasher.  They can sit awhile longer.
He said he had to go back to his own dishes at his own house.
Let me tell ya, it’s good for a mother to hear a kid say this. 

This morning was my turn to help with child care in the church nursery, and I loved doing it.
Little kids cheer me up.

Then I came home to transfer laundry from washer to dryer and grab a bite of lunch.

I put a bottle of tea into my yarn bag (I like to have something to sip while we have chitchat) and went back out to the car for going to the Thursday Needlework Group meeting.  Although I knew it wouldn’t be a time to relax, for I had promised to give a lesson about knitting on the peg loom.

Something happened today telling me just how tired I am.

I was driving the car awhile, when I passed the fire station and realized that instead of heading towards the Activity Center, I was driving toward church.  I have been there so often the last three days that my brain went on auto-pilot thinking church was the destination again.

Ah well, as long as I’m facing that way, and would have to go around the block to change direction anyway, I decided to go through a drive-thru and buy a vanilla latte.

There was a car already waiting at the pick-up window when I arrived.

I put in my order, it was repeated correctly, the price was quoted.  I noted the time on the clock on the dashboard, got money out of my wallet, pulled up one car length.

The other car did not move.
Did. Not. Move.

It dawned on me that the numbers on the clock had changed and that twelve minutes had passed and we hadn’t moved.
TWELVE MINUTES !!  while my mind wandered.

On a winter day like this, that could be good because my feet were finally warm from the car’s heater.

There was nobody behind me yet, so I backed up and pulled into a parking space.  It tripped the sensor, because I could hear the squawkbox asking if he could take my order.

I got out and walked into the diner, obviously upset.

At the counter, I asked the young clerk if there is a good reason that a latte would take twelve minutes to fix.

He explained that there had been a mix-up at the grill, so the order had to be worked again.

I asked if they are grilling lattes now? and where would mine be?

He motioned to it sitting on a corner of the counter, so long that the whipped cream was soggy.

I laid down the money and said give me my drink.

As he handed it over, he said he was sorry for the delay.

In my best Teacher Assistant voice of disapproval, I said
“You should have thought of a different way to handle this.”
turned and walked out, with every other customer and clerk in the place staring at me with mouths agape.

Perhaps I should not care to enter again very soon.

At Yarn Group, where I was twelve minutes late, the newbie and supplies were all ready and waiting.

It took my head a little while to get back into lesson mode, but my student was able to learn how to make a baby hat on the smallest Knifty Knitter peg loom.

At a committee meeting this evening, I was talking about something different and let slip a *dammit*.  The other folks were at first shocked that Diane would say a cuss word, then laughed, big belly laughs of glee at my embarassment, and mentioned strikes of lightning coming through the church windows.

So Yeah, I guess I need a little R & R.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday soon.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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