He’s Moved Up!

the very first e-mail I opened this morning was from
my friend Mary Ann (the lady who bought my knitted hats for the grand-daughters and their dolls at Christmas)
saying “I don’t know if you remember our son, Jon”
quickly bringing too many years of memory flashbacks

The scenes stuck in my mind are of a teenager with dark curly hair handing over to me a large serving bowl of food to put on a buffet table, and that same kid up on the stage saying lines with confidence.

Many years ago, when three little sons were in every part of my world, somebody at church gave us tickets to a play in the park starring a kid from the church.
I grew up in a steel mill and coal mine town, where the Arts were usually an afterthought, often due to the efforts of the high school music department.

As a mother of youngsters, I thought it would be real nice for us to see a play with live people, especially since we could not afford movie tickets.

It was a hot summer evening, and my boys are not the type to sit still for long.  Every blade of grass and bug bite called for examination.  Being outside, the rest of the audience were fairly understanding.

I don’t even remember the title of the play, I just remember watching the teenager become somebody else that I couldn’t see on Sunday mornings.  After awhile, my oldest son sat down awhile to watch the story unfold.
Looking back from now, I think that may have sparked his interest in doing Drama in high school.

Coming out of my reverie, I read the rest of her message.

Jon is an actor and is currently in a play at the Ford Theater in D.C. Last week was an exciting one for him when the reopening of the renovated theater was celebrated.  There was a huge gala held on Wednesday night with President Obama and his wife along with many other important people attending.

The message provides a link to You Tube where you can see President and Mrs. Obama shaking hands with the actors.  Jon says “for those who haven’t seen me in a while, I’m the one with the goatee and mustache, standing next to Kelsey Grammer.”  I also spotted Richard Thomas aka John Boy Walton in the receiving line.

So now I suppose I can say that ‘I knew him when’ even though we are of different ages and seasons of life.

Jon’s publicity page

Thanks, Mary Ann!  You cheered me up on a gray morning.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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