Done without a Warrant

Well, my goodness.

I just got home from a day in Kindergarten.
The lead teacher was also a substitute, so the class teacher left us 5 pages of detailed notes.

We must first admit that Kindergartners are very smart little people.
Although name plates were clearly affixed to the tops of desks, the little darlings tried to sit in the wrong seat, then cover the name with a paper, then answer with a different name when I took Attendance.

Lunch count was several minutes of arguing amongst themselves, what with which kind of milk and who might maybe be allowed a second sandwich.
It seemed to go downhill from then, even though I have often been in rooms when playtime has Activity Centers and the groups rotate.

I’m just glad I’ve had previous experience.  Early on, I can usually spot the tattlers, the twitchers, the watchers.

When one wee one told us that the caseworker would be picking her up, I asked her where was her written note.
She said I should call the office. I mentioned that the office would call Me if she was needed to leave, and meanwhile, she has these three other pages to complete.

She was there

During movie time, one girl kept dropping a coin.  It was not real money, just a souvenir from a tourist destination.
There had already been trouble with that coin from someone else in the morning, and I made sure it had been returned to the locker.

Apparently, the coin came back out after lunch.

So I asked why this one had the coin.

Well, she gave it to me.

The movie ended, and I got distracted with making sure everybody had all the proper papers and parent notes.

Next thing I know, there’s a touch on my elbow, and so-an-so has been looking all over for her coin, which she left on her desk.

I go over to Little Miss last seen holding the coin.

her answer “Well, I dropped it and it rolled and I don’t know where it went”

Three gallant young men immediately begin looking here and there and under and climbing on top to find the coin.

Not a one is tending to stuffing backpack and getting ready for the bus lane.

So I put out my hand and asked for her backpack.  I’ll just make sure all your stuff is where it is supposed to be.

Property Search and Seizure laws are null and void between adults and students in Kindergarten.

Well, did her tone change then.
She unzips the smaller pocket, takes out a wad of tissues, maybe 4 thick.

In the very middle is the fingerprint covered piece of brass.

I declare that all searchers should return to the task of getting ready to be leaving.

When a teacher says the word Searchers and they don’t seem to know what it means, this is another distraction.

While I am writing “the thief’s” name on the board, I get peppered with questions about what I said.

One girl says I was showing off, saying words nobody else ever heard of.  My lip is almost bleeding while I tried to keep a straight face.

Another girl said I shouldn’t write the name because the coin did get back to the one who owns it.

That should have been a real high up “teachable moment” but there was a big yellow bus outside the window and no time to do much else but line up.

I wrote a rather lengthy note for the class teacher to find tomorrow.

Out of old habits from years at the daycare center, I went around the room and opened and closed every cabinet door and checked the bathroom.  I’ll never forget the time I found a kid hiding under the sink at the end of lunch.

The other Sub said we had a good day,
so I suppose we did.

But why in the world does a 5 year old think it might be fine to claim something as her own just because it was on the next desk?  and then lie about where it might have gone?

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps I’m in a different school building and grade tomorrow

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