Happenings of the day

The phone ringing at 6:09am woke us up.
Definitely the computerized voice saying there was a job available.

At the junior high school within walking distance.

As I pressed all the buttons giving my employee ID, the bedside clock’s alarm sounded.

Um, SubFinder, I really coulda used that extra minute of sleep.

Last night’s storms zapped out the traffic control signals, making it a 4-way Stop, so crossing Main Street on foot took much courage.  I was wearing my bright orange U of I jacket, and I think it helped drivers to see me.

I got across one pair of lanes, then waited on the center island for several minutes to be able to cross the other pair.
Thank goodness the lights at the next intersection were working properly, so I got a WALK signal.

This job position is one when I have to use all my brain power.  TA in two different 7th grade Math classes, one with an assignment handout about Probability, and the other assigned the definition of a function and equation and problems to solve.
One class for 6th grade Science, about Simple Machines (today was wheel-and-axle), tutoring a 6th grade Spelling Group (courteous was on the list), and a mixed age/grades ESL class (two kids from countries in Africa, two from countries in Asia, and five from countries Central America—talk about diversity).

8th Hour was supposed to be a TA in a Study Hall, but I was asked to collate and staple stacks of papers into Spelling packets.  Getting ready for next year already.
I got set up at a big table in the back corner of the closed and nicely quiet IMC (Instructional Media Center. Back in my school days, it woulda been called the Library).
I worked my way through almost two tubes of staples.  The Resource Teacher was impressed at the quantity done, about 2/3 of the pile.

Walking home, I found a small wooden table in a trash pile in front of a college student apartment building.

I set my bookbag on top and carried ‘em on home.  I had to put it down every so often to rest my wrists.

As soon as son Chris saw it, he asked if he could have it for his apartment.
Since it is not tall enough to do the job in the corner I had expected for it, I will give it to him.

The old canning jars from the storeroom in the basement have found a new home in response to my e-mail.
A lady who runs a small organic farm and has a booth at an outdoor market seemed really appreciative.
She came by with a pick-up truck to take them away, on her way to fetch her daughter.

E-mail is a really handy method of communication.

Meanwhile, a buddy from church has given us a very large television, and a sturdy stand to hold it up.  My guys have the measuring tape out and the living room is a jumbled mess.  It’s a good thing I don’t read anything worthwhile on the tv schedule, because evening viewing pleasure is out of the question.

What with all the stapling and table carrying, I can’t ask my poor tired wrists to do any hook holding.

For me, a day without crochet is a rare occurrence.

Maybe that’s why I’m typing instead.

Even this may have proved to be motion too much.

I’ll take some pain reliever, load the dishwasher, feed the cats, then hit the sheets early tonight.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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