Saturday Stuff

We slept in all the way until 7:06 this morning.
A luxury of having the weekend off.

My first glance outside, done without my spectacles, filled the whole window with green.  The maple tree leaves are just about as big as they’re gonna get.

Oscar was mighty appreciative when Husband opened the glass, allowing all the scents and sounds of a morning in Spring to waft on into the room.
He hopped from the bed to the cat shelf and his nose twitched every which way but off.

Even though I was taking my time feeding the cats and having a shower, we still were seated for breakfast at the Garden of Paradise before 8:30am.

We both were really hungry.  Having had big lunches yesterday, and plans for going to a movie Friday evening, we had only cereal for supper last night.  Cooking for old folks ain’t nearly as much fun as when the table was crowded with kids.

We each got an omelette, hash browns, and a biscuit.  Husband likes to save half of his to bring home to eat for Sunday breakfast, and I gave him about a third of my hash browns.  The coffee refills were great timing.  I like to have a full cup when I begin spreading jelly on the biscuit, and that is exactly when it happened.

We stopped at the post office on the way home, to sign for a package.  With the new postage rate gone up to 42¢, also purchased a sheet of stamps featuring pictures of authors.

I’m doing laundry.  Five piles sorted, three already done in the washer, and two through the dryer.  I was gonna hang some things outside on the clothesline, but three lawnmowers are busy and I don’t want too much pollen on fabrics.

We are still figuring out how the youngest son will get clean clothes, now that he’s moved out.
I’m real particular about use of my machines, so I say if he wants to, he can bring his hamper by and I will do the laundry and ironing, same as always.

On the other hand, he is ready for some independence and wants to take care of the task himself.
The laundry house takes many coins, plus there are certain items he likes to be able to hang dry.

My guys are ganging up on me, so it seems laundry lessons will happen in the near future.
Something’s gotta give, and it looks like my need for motherly duties is less than son’s need to get on with life.

I went to a yard sale a couple blocks over.  There was a lovely teapot by Longaberger, just the kind I remember from a home party I went to 8 years ago.
I do prefer the taste of tea from a pot, rather than one bag/one cup steeping.
The tag already had a cross through from $40 to $20, seeing that the time for the sale was ending.
I asked if she would take $10, which is all I’m gonna pay for a teapot at a yard sale, no matter how fancy or collectible it might be.  And I do already have a nice teapot, from a different yard sale years ago.
Well, no, $20 as low as she would go.

I paid $1 for a desk lamp and was on my way.

Golly, the noise from lawnmowers is irritating.
Somebody invent better mufflers.

Gotta go.  The dryer buzzer is sounding.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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