So two weeks was too long

Christopher’s guitar gig in Kemp Recital Hall at I S U

photo by George Wiman

There has come numerous requests about my well-being.

Apparently two weeks between weblog writing is too long.

Well, Folks, you may surmise that I have been busy.
There will be 7 job days on the next paycheck.
All but one were tough assignments, and I got home real tired every afternoon.
The one day that wasn’t too hard had one small episode just a little rough, but the upside did better.

Teacher’s Appreciation was a good week for a TA Sub, tho.
Each Staff Lounge had goodies, cards, and freebies galore.

In honor of Mother’s Day, the church congregation had our Women’s Salad Supper last Tuesday.  I am always amazed by how many forms the word S-A-L-A-D can take.

I purchased a restaurant size can of Del Monte (or was it DOLE?) Tropical Fruit Salad. First I drained and saved its liquid then mixed 3 packages instant vanilla pudding and 1 1/2 cups plain yogurt with it.  The fruit and creme sat in separate containers in the fridge overnight.
An hour before the dinner, I mixed them together with my (newly purchased on a whim) bamboo paddle.
Fruit and creme is a yummy combination.

Afterwards, when I went to the church kitchen to claim my container, I found it still half full in the fridge.  There was a whole lot of food, much leftovers.  A friend runs a home daycare, so I handed it over to her for the kids.  The container can come back some other time.

Husband had a birthday Friday, and took the day off from his job.  I had gotten a call to work, so he was on his own.  It seems to me he did a whole bunch of running around for errands, and I gather he rather liked free choice.
He writes often for his weblog, but I found Wood-based computation technology to be most fascinating.

He got into the storeroom in the basement and found some dusty boxes of canning jars.  It is unlikely I will be doing much canning in the future (empty nest and all) so he brought them upstairs.  Rather than have them go to the curb, I got in touch with a buddy who is into organic style and asked if she knows somebody.
A few e-mails back and forth, and the jars will be picked up Wednesday evening, free to good home.

My car goes into the shop Tuesday evening.  Routine check-up before I take a road trip.

Meanwhile, I often have a hook and thread in my hands.  So far, 11 bookmarks for high school graduation gifts, and two for sympathy cards.  Potholder pile is ongoing.

Really folks, I don’t mean to neglect you.

It’s just that Mahalia is such a great companion.

photo by George Wiman

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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