Taking Crocheted Bookmarks Outta Town

The bookmark marathon has come to an end for awhile.
I found it a bit difficult to get good pictures while the sun is setting.
Long shadows for such tiny crochet stitches.

My high school’s colors are purple and white.
I asked my mom if there were any graduates she might want me to crochet bookmarks as gifts.

She says there are several kids from my home church who are graduating from our high school, so I made a bunch of purple and white ones.  They will be traveling with me Thursday, back to the Valley for the MFHS Alumni Association banquet.  Mom has cards all ready.

Here in town, we have only 3 graduates from our church congregation.  One told me his favorite color is black, and the others said green.  There is to be a church reception later, an opportunity for delivery.

Also for a couple kids from other places, but they will have to wait until I get back before I pack mail.

The potholders were done while a meeting was going on at church.
I like to keep my hands busy, and I love the colors of the yarn.  They are going to be a wedding shower gift.

I’m gone until, um, well, I’m driving back Tuesday, after the holiday traffic has eased a bit.

I’m sure my Dear Ones will miss the e-mail comics, not nearly as much as I will.
My mom doesn’t use a computer, and I will be too busy being sociable to get online.

A vacation should be away from connections so I can get some R & R.

You all carry on without me.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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