Little Bit of Catching Up

This morning I wrote 2 letters to enclose in birthday packages.

One of the guys (my kid brother) does not even own a computer, let alone follow my blog!  He is working two jobs and says a computer is still way out of his budget, what with paying child support for two sons, and a new car payments.
I’m not sure if the other reads online, but I do have him in my Address Book.

When I rode my bicycle to the Post Office, I had 3 envelopes (one was my Registration for Women’s Retreat) and two packages in my backpack.
I was very glad to be using my bicycle, but my-oh-my, I did have to be so watchful.

This week is move-in for the ISU students, so the streets are marked One Way, have barricades and traffic control officers, and people who have no idea where they should be driving or what’s going on.

I had to call out to a woman pushing a stroller to “Walk to the Right, passing on your left” just as her 4 year old went running across the lane.  A bystander put her hand on the child’s shoulder as my hands began to tighten on the brakes.  Close call.

Then I was in the street going straight, with the pedestrian Walk light blinking, when a pick-up truck decided it wanted to turn right in front of me without a turn signal.  I yelled Heads Up as the passenger noticed me and the cop blew his whistle.

The Post Office clerk said I was either brave or crazy to get there on such a day.

Actually, I didn’t think about the timing.
The dates have been weighing in my mind for days, and I decided I really needed to gather it all together and get them going.  There’s another project calling, and another soon after that, and then school begins.

I’m not sure if a TA Sub will be needed the first week, but I want to be ready for the job when the phone rings.

Gotta go.  Ellen Burstyn is on OPRAH and I love her ever since Same Time, Next Year, then The Five People You Meet in Heaven sealed the deal.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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