Back and Forth and Forth and Back

In case nobody ever told you before, when a family lives in a town which is home to a major state university, August is a really busy month for the whole household.
Really busy, especially when the husband works there and the youngest son is a student, and both of them are running around doing things towards the beginning of the semester, leaving the Missus to fill in lapses of duties and run errands.
Does anybody else get an e-mail in the middle of the morning asking to stop by the bank and get rolls of nickels to use in the change machine for the printer in the computer lab?
Perhaps not.
But I “happened” to deliver the rolls of nickels really close to lunchtime, so there are a partner’s side benefits like splitting a chicken wrap and fries, leaving room for a scoop of ice cream.

Overheard during lunch, coming from the next table, was a girl complaining about how her friend lost a rug during Move-in.
That could have been a casual mistake, I’ve helped with moving often enough and know about crowd control and lack thereof, but from her tone of voice, I could tell she believes it to be an actual theft with reports filed.

This morning, the first official day of classes, the skies opened with enough rain to put an inch of water in the glass left on the picnic table …so far.

Husband rode away on his bicycle anyway.
There’s work to get done.

One of my own first chores was another trip to the town recycle bin, so I carried all our blue containers to the car and made adjustments using the seatbelts so they wouldn’t topple.  Don’t laugh—there’s nothing nice about having plastic bottles banging around in the back seat.  The paper box is short enough to go into the trunk, which makes it easier to transport.

After I got the car loaded, I was standing in the middle of the kitchen trying to decide if I wanted to put on a dry t-shirt or just shiver until later.  That’s when Chris asked for a ride to his first class, so the decision was made.  If I was to drop him off in time, we had better get going.

After son’s exit and containers empty, my shirt was dry,
so I thought I’d go shopping for a box to store the Lucas Mommy loveys.
I found one Made in USA at Dollar General, plus a Clearance $3 shirt I can use for work.

That store happens to be one driveway over from the place where I bought the drink featured in the picture above.
My first.  And while it came conveniently from the drive-thru, and tastes fine, I don’t think it will take the place of my beloved Mocha Bianca Chiller from Latte Time.

I have only so much spending money, so it is better to treat my treats as treats spaced at regular intervals.

The other thing I was working on, I forgot to get a picture, in spite of several opportunities during the table display.  Leaving the camera beside the card-reader means it won’t be in my purse when I need it.
The pinks blankie is featured awhile back and has been waiting patiently, but since then I crocheted 10 pairs of cotton potholders and 5 bookmarks, and worked 5 grown up hats, 8 child hats, 2 doll hats on the knitting looms, all to send to a craft sale and quilt auction in Chicago.
Later this week, a friend will deliver those items, along with 15 knitted dishcloths and 50 scrubbies from Aunt Deanie.

I have to figure how to dry 4 loads of laundry when the sun hasn’t made an appearance.  It’s a good thing we have a new dehumidifier machine working overtime in the basement.  I’ve emptied gallons of water over the weekend.

And if you are still with me reading to here, your boss is gonna be docking your paycheck.  I know how nice it is to get one of those, I had some church janitor hours get paid recently.
It was just enough to cover the fees for Women’s Retreat.
Oh how sweet it is….

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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