Advice Comes ‘Round Again

Today’s my appointment at our clinic.  The co-pay went up $5.

The CNP says I attribute several of my symptoms to thyroid medication, when the lab test of my latest blood draw says “Normal Ranges”

The afternoon headache, the nightly leg cramps, the urgent trips to the bathroom are probably because of peri-menopause.

She says getting older ain’t easy, and I have to work twice as hard to achieve about 60% results than I did even 5 years ago.
It gets harder to tone muscles after the bleeding ceases, and there are studies going on to learn why.

She says to keep riding the bicycle, but walking is better because it makes my muscles move my whole weight, rather than letting the bike do half the work.

The leg cramps can most likely be alleviated by drinking 6 ounces of tonic water around 8 in the evening.

Keep the same vitamin supplements, eating red meat to keep my iron up (she was quite interested to learn that Kroger has buffalo meat for burgers).
If I feel good enough to donate blood to the Red Cross, then go for it, they have strict guidelines.

She extended my same dose of the thyroid prescription for a year from this month, and says next time she sees me, the scale should say 50 pounds gone.

She asked if a few Counselor sessions might help, but I told her I have a cheerleading squad already living in the house, and a pretty good group of buddies at church.

The “old age ain’t for sissies” phrase got bandied about as well.

Looks like I’ll be around awhile yet.

*Improvement by movement* shall become my mantra.

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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